Five tips on how to plan your day to ensure a great tour of Bali.

Firstly, good call! Taking a private driver to explore Bali is one of the best ways to scratch deep below the surface. Many tourists land in Bali and simply travel between Denpasar airport and their hotel and never end up diving into the magical culture, tradition and natural beauty of the island of the Gods.

Here a list of things that you should know about planning your Bali Day Trip:

  1. Book ahead. 
    Especially in high season, even the seemingly inexhaustible number of private drivers can get heavily booked so don’t leave it until the day ahead or the day that you plan to go exploring to make your booking. Leaving enough time ahead also means that you secure a driver and have the best chance to plan a trip that avoids annoyances like lengthy traffic delays and peak tourist
  2. Talk with your driver.
    Start talking with your driver about what you would like to see and how achievable it is to fit a number of things in. Make sure you specify how much time you would like to have for breakfast (if its an early start) or lunch and make sure to ask how long you need to spend at each attraction in order to make the (often) long drive worth it.
  3. Remember quantity isn’t always quality
    Often a driver will simply say yes, yes, yes to whatever you ask thinking that they will make you happy if they do everything you ask only to frustrate you because you’ve tried to pack in too much and rushed away the opportunity for an amazing experience. Communicate with your driver frequently, asking how much time you really need for each place to get the fullest experience and be prepared to let go of seeing everything you planned if you find yourself in a place that is truely magical.
  4. Bring supplies
    Stock up! Don’t forget to go to the ATM and get cash, pack some bottled water and some snacks, a hat, a towel, swimmers if you plan to get wet, coconut oil (or sun screen) and of course your camera. A phone charger that plugs into the lighter jack is also a great idea. Most private cars feature a stereo system with an audio jack so if you are keen to rock out while you cruise through paradise then bring your cable!
  5. Be respectful
    If you planning on visiting a temple then a sarong and a sash for gentlemen; and for the ladies, a sarong, sash and a kebaya (traditional balinese dress for temple) is recommended. Some temples don’t strictly require it, but it is seen as disrespectful to step inside the sacred walls of a temple not appropriately attired. Your driver will help you to shop for these items. They are inexpensive and are great mementos to take home with you and hey, dressing up is fun!

Now you are all set! Enjoy your Bali Day Trip and Bali Day Tour tour of paradise!